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Content Management System (CMS) Features and Functions

Content management system (CMS) features and functions help manage internal corporate documentation and information, Web site content, and group collaboration. Typical content management

system features and functions include tools for content. To find the best content management system for your business, it's important to understand which features and functions you need before you compare

content management solutions.

Web Content Management Systems

Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation and review for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet), or private web sites (intranet or extranet).

CMS Analytics

CMS integrates seamlessly with third party traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics.

CMS Search

In the application, a search box and Advanced Search option make it possible to get to the items you're interested in quickly. Advanced search exposes all the additional properties of your content as searchable

fields to help you aggregate the items that you need to modify.

CMS Security

The CMS supports an unlimited number of Users, which are commonly used to administer both secured access to content on the website and for Workstation access to author and edit content

CMS Licensing

CMS is available in different editions per domain name. Determine which of these models will cover your content management needs.

CMS Technology

Server Platform

CMS is designed to operate on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system.

Web Server

CMS leverages Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or higher as its web server technology for

Web Services, the CMS Workstation (content administration interface), and the primary website


Application Framework

CMS is developed on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.

Recent versions of CMS, are enabled to utilize the built-in AJAX support of .NET This gives custom

component developers the flexibility to utilize the latest development technologies in the .NET Framework.

Database and languages

The system is based on Microsoft SQL database, and use .net technology with JavaScript and CSS.

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